B’ Rhythm

Save the Date! August 14th 2021

We are back with a BANG!

B’Rhythm-August 14th

NYC Open Culture  – Garfield Place between Prospect Park West and 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11215

NYC Open Culture Garfield Place between PPW and 8th Ave.
August 14, 2021 4PM and 6PM Opening Performances at 2PM
The sights and sounds of NYC - a dynamic interplay between rhythm and movement

FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC Save the date on August 14th, 2021! Opening performances at 2PM B' Rhythm - 4PM and 6PM

Music by Bala Skandan
Choreography by Brinda Guha and Sonali Skandan
Shivalik Ghoshal
Kabilan Jeganathan
Rich Stein
Noni Byrd-Gibbs
Indigo Robinson
Adriana Olivares
Giorgia Vitali
and guest artist Princess Lockeroo