About us

Jiva Performing Arts exists to promote and preserve the classical arts of India, specifically Indian classical music and dance. Jiva was formed in 2007 in New York City. Through innovative performances, classes, workshops, lecture demonstrations and a strong arts-in-education base, we strive to encourage the growth of the classical arts of India in the US. We create engaging and rich performances, which employ modern media including film, photography and spoken word, as well as dialoging with world music and dance genres, thereby increasing the appreciation and accessibility of these timeless arts.

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Jiva’s core activities and services include:


Jiva’s artists are acclaimed artists who have performed internationally and have studied with the most revered teachers of Indian classical music and dance. They have presented their work in major venues in the US, Europe, Canada and India. Jiva has produced notable music and dance productions, which highlight the classical arts of India.

Jiva also presents international artists of Indian classical music and dance who tour the US.


One of Jiva’s core activities is education. The artists involved in Jiva offer on-going classes in Indian classical music and dance in the New York City area. Students are trained in a highly methodical and traditional manner, with integrity to the traditional way of learning. Classes include Carnatic Violin, Mridangam and Bharatanatyam dance.

Jiva also conducts art-in-education programs in New York City. In-school and after-school residencies, curricular integration and family workshop and performances have been conducted in numerous schools in the tri-state area.

Jiva conducts professional level lecture demonstrations and workshops for universities, colleges and professional artists.

Artistic Creation:

Jiva fosters the creation of new artistic work, in both music and dance. One of the core activities of Jiva is to foster the growth of the Indian classical arts, which means to not only preserve the artistic legacy as passed down by the traditional Gurus and teachers of the art, but to also create new and innovative works which have their base in the classical arts. This pertains to new musical compositions and new dance choreographies.

Jiva supports the collaboration of Indian classical artists with world genres of music and dance as well as other artistic medium such as the visual arts and literature.

One of the main productions by Jiva is its Urban Kutcheri series, which has presented classical music and dance juxtaposed with modern image and word. Another notable presentation is the Pallavi Festival of Music, which presents classical and innovative works of music.

Research and Dissemination:

Jiva supports the research of the classical arts of India, from both an academic and practical standpoint. Research involves the collection of secondary sources such as published works on Indian classical art, as well as primary sources such as interviews and the documentation of teachers and performing artists of India. Jiva hopes to ultimately create a resource library where students and professionals in the US can access these resources.