Dualities – A Dance on Camera Festival

Join us on April 29, 2021

Premiering on Youtube and Facebook Live
Free and Open to the public Sign up at: https://dualities-jiva.eventbrite.com
April 29, 2021 8:00PM EST

Dualities exist everywhere - from our internal world to our external world. Everything we imagine has a true opposite, or a flip side.  Nothing exists without contrast, opposition and negation.  Is this duality problematic? Is it an opportunity for us? Is duality the true nature of things? Or is it a human-made construct? If we don’t resist the tug, if we embrace the inherent dualities, will we find clarity and freedom in a single path? Will we make peace with it?

Our next dance in camera festival focuses on Duality.  We have invited six emerging artists with a variety of experience levels and skills to present films that explore a Duality that they perceive - whether in themselves, their dance in poetry, their identity, or the social constructs that we see, and for some, the goal to remove these dualities. 

The themes are as vast as the topic  - the duality of two bodies moving in space; the idea of a space that can be both haunting, yet illuminating; the pilgrim who is pulled from ties to the tangible world and renunciation of all that is material; the push and pull of performing live versus virtual, and the ironies and humor of navigating a performance that is isolated yet global in reach; the dualities of self -perception - our projected persona versus our real internal person; and more relevant today, the dualities of hope and fear and the parallel existence of the two..

This is indeed a very expansive topic, with a wide scope for interpretation.  We are excited to see what these artists have created…

Dualities: A Dance on Camera Festival April 29, 2021 8:00PMPremiering on Youtube and Facebook

Presented by Jiva Performing Arts
Curated and Directed by Sonali Skandan
Artistic Consultant: Maya Kulkarni
Festival Assistant: Jenny Tsang

Archana Raja
Aishwarya Sriram and Mallika Murali
Nandini Kannan
Sahana Sridhar
Sahana Rao and Sneha Subramaniam
Sophia Salingaros

The event is free and open to the public
To join us go to: https://dualities-jiva.eventbrite.com